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Welcome Elli

Following on from the launch of our new promo video this week we have some further good news to announce.

We are pleased to welcome Elli Warren to the band, who after a successful audition has joined us on saxophone.

Originally from Ibstock, Elli moved to Essex in 2005 and began gigging on sax in 2010. Since then she has been a member of various cover bands, most notably as part of a Northern soul group for 3 years that performed all over the UK, and more recently has been performing with the American beach music group 'Chairmen of the Board' in the UK and also in the US. Now she has returned to her Leicestershire roots and Madison Avenue UK is the next step on her musical journey.

Elli mostly plays tenor sax but can also play alto and soprano. She will join up with Charlotte and Cheryl as we continue to revamp our horns section. She replaces Lesley who, after two years in the band, has decided to move on and focus on other commitments.

We are currently searching for a trumpeter to bring our horns section back up to a complete four - if you are interested in this position feel free to get in touch with us via our Contact page and we can arrange an audition.

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