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We're Back!

After 20 long months, we finally made our return to the stage at the Midsummer Motown & Soul Party Night at Heather St. John's FC. This was our first gig since Christmas 2019, as we had a short break to audition a new bass player before we were plunged into lockdown, however once we started playing it felt like we had never left!

Our 10 piece lineup featured both our new bass player and new drummer - Le Twang and Joe - for the first time, both of whom had been in the band for 18 and 12 months respectively without being able to gig! It was great to finally be able to perform together and hopefully this will be the start of a brand new era for Madison Avenue UK as we move out of lockdown and live music makes a full return to venues around the country.

Madison Avenue UK's rhythm section backstage at Heather St. John's FC.
Our refreshed rhythm section of Eddie, Joe, Le Twang, and Jeremy backstage and ready to perform

Massive thanks to Tony and the guys over at Big Rock Promotions for putting on such a fantastic event, and thanks to everyone that came out to support us on what was a great night full of dancing and singing - the perfect way to return after such a long time.

Next up for us is a number of private functions and events, but keep your eyes peeled for more public events in the future that will posted up on our Homepage.

Video: Sara Tyler (Facebook)

Cover Image: Ziggy Marshall

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