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Perfect 10

As the summer of 2018 draws to a close and our band members return refreshed from their various holidays, everyone is raring to go as we approach the busy autumn and Christmas periods. And to kick things off we have some exciting news...

We are pleased to announce that Cheryl Moore has joined us on saxophone, bringing us back up to a complete 10 piece and joining Lesley and Charlotte as part of our horns section.

Cheryl Moore - Madison Avenue UK's new saxophone player

Cheryl brings a wealth of experience, previously playing as part of a concert band, big band, marching band and party band, as well as playing in musical theatre pit bands and orchestras. An alto player primarily, although equally as competent playing soprano or tenor, Cheryl's experience will be a great asset to Madison Avenue UK, and the prospect of her working together with Lesley and Charlotte is an exciting one.

Cheryl's first public gig will be on November 24th at the Fox & Goose in Birmingham - more information can be found here.

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