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Liam is one of three lead vocalists in
Madison Avenue UK, as well as the Band Leader.


Originally from Birmingham, Liam has been involved in music for as long as he can remember, from writing and producing tracks in his bedroom as a teenager, through to setting up a successful DJ and events business during his university years. However, it wasn’t until he started hosting karaoke events in 2010 that he realised he had a voice for singing. Following that, he performed on the circuit as a solo singer, and also as part of a duo alongside his friend Junior Edwards, covering a variety of genres, from R&B and soul through to pop and swing.


Since joining Madison Avenue UK in 2017 as one of the original vocalists, Liam has seen the band go from strength to strength, as well as navigate through several lineup changes, culminating with him taking over leadership responsibilities in 2019 when the previous Band Leader departed to focus on other projects.

Outside of Madison Avenue UK, Liam works in digital marketing as a Senior Account Manager at an advertising agency.

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