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Born in Bristol into a musical family, Joe began his career in music from a very early age, starting to learn the piano at just 3. As a toddler he’d also let loose his natural rhythm on the pots and pans, until at the age of 7 he started having drum lessons. Early inspiration came from a Japanese Taiko drumming show where he bought their cassette - which he still has!

Growing up in Bristol and Zambia, Joe progressed to playing in school bands and studying music at university. He continued to take influence from other artists which include Omar Hakim, Steve Gadd, David Garibaldi and Larnell Lewis. Since then he has not stopped, playing in a wide range of bands at festivals, shows and gigs and has depped regularly for others. Moving to Leicester, work has also included studio session work, and he’s been involved in recording several albums. He has had many highlights to his career so far, which include a five-hour non-stop jam at a festival, and a gig with Mr Motivator!

Away from music, Joe has a background in youth work. Currently a children’s social worker, he has also worked in Youth Justice, with refugees and asylum seekers and taught music in schools and prisons. His hobbies include songwriting, reading, hiking, playing a 19th century Italian mandolin, and Joe is currently a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons!

Fully gassed to be playing with Madison Avenue UK, Joe has come a long way since those pots and pans!

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