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Elli - Saxophone

Elli started out playing piano and clarinet at secondary school, eventually moving onto alto saxophone after being involved in various orchestras, youth bands and marching bands.  


She started gigging on sax in 2010 as part of a singer/sax duo and eventually moved onto playing tenor sax and singing backing vocals with various cover bands in Essex, covering various genres from typical party sets to rock, funk, soul, ska, and disco. 


Following this, Elli spent 3 years with a Northern soul band performing across the UK alongside some well known names in the Northern soul/Mod scene.


More recently, Elli has performed with the American beach music group 'Chairmen of the Board' on their 2018 UK tour, and was also invited to the US to perform with them again in August 2018.


Elli mostly plays tenor sax but also plays alto and soprano, and particularly enjoys being part of a reed/brass horn section. Elli's musical 'happy zone' is definitely soul, funk and Motown.  

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