Shaun is the drummer for Madison Avenue UK, and he believes he has the best seat in the house – he just loves to lay down a solid groove that people feel and that makes them want to dance!


Shaun has played in a number of bands across different genres over the years, but it’s the combination of gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues — real soul music — that inspires him and led to the creation of Madison Avenue UK.


Shaun’s first attempt at learning a musical instrument was with the piano, but when he realised he could count to four and the whiz-bang of the drums was louder, he turned to the drum set.


Shaun has been playing drums for over 15 years, having been professionally trained to play by some renowned drummers of today’s times, and claims that every day is a school day, still studying to perfect his art. Shaun is so passionate about his instrument that he teaches others, keen to spread the love.

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