Seamlessly slotting into the backline, Clive - known musically as 'Le Twang' - has an ear for 'groovalicious bass lines' that can only add to the groove factor that Madison Avenue UK are already well known for. 


A guitarist from a young age, Le Twang mastered styles from latin Bossa Nova to the sonic funkathons of Chic, before Deep House and 'bangin’ dance floors' captured his ear, which left his guitar to gather dust for a period.

Taking up residency performing Live Electronic Dance sets at The Bubble Club all-nighters @ The Que Club, Le Twang warmed up the Bar Room for the headline DJ’s... and then took all the glory with the closing set! So sold on those sublime dance floor bass lines, Le Twang bought himself a bass guitar and began learning pop and dance hits that swept through history, from Motown and disco through to Urban Soul. Now, just in need of a band rhythm section to 'do his thang', Le Twang had joined up with Madison Avenue UK, giving him a stage for his bass antics.

Apart from revelling in the 'live vibe', Le Twang enjoys composing Electronica, watching chop socky movies and taking the odd photo of, in his words, 'exquisite randomness'!