Gregg plays the bass guitar, is the band-leader and provides admin back-up for the band. He deputises in other Soul and R&B bands and was formerly the bassist in The FridayNite Project covering rock, pop and soul. He has jammed or gigged with a few other cover bands, including other genres: glam rock, blues rock, prog and alternative/indie. He has only been playing the bass since 2013, having previously played drums for a few years and, for most of his life, electric and acoustic guitars, as well as dabbling with keys, soprano sax and clarinet.

Gregg also works with local-based clients in the music industry, including the emerging artist Freemoor and The Invisible Orchestra. During the last few years, he has gradually rediscovered his love of soul music from the 60's and 70's and loves learning and re-interpreting the brilliant bass lines of James Jamerson, Leroy Hodges, Duck Dunn, Tommy Cogbill and others. Gregg plays Fender Mustang basses through an Ashdown AAA 300 210T amp with a Sansamp DI pedal.

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